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Handling and storageunit: r/min


1. Keep packaging completely and avoid collision, not long exposed damp, can not contact with the base;

2. in a flat way stacked neatly, can not be long inclined and pressure, to prevent deformation;

3. to avoid direct contact with the ground, you must use the moisture of the wooden pallets stacked to the ground height of 10-15cm is appropriate, stacking height of not more than 1 meter;

4. the implementation of advanced first principle, to ensure the best use of the product period;

5. the product more than one year should be re-detected rotary strength and appearance before use.

Selection principle

1.The appearance of the wheel has a good uniformity, no crack is the basic appearance of high-quality grinding wheel;

2.Any grinding wheel static imbalance value as low as possible, of course, the greater the difficulty of production;

3.Grinding ratio: cutting and grinding the general rule is to less metal, low wear is the wheel is too hard; to wear less metal is a bad material is too bad. Quality grinding wheel quality is as little as possible wear, the largest amount of grinding to the amount, while feel better;

4. For carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum, glass stone, because of their organizational density and heat conditions are not the same, also decided to choose the wheel when the difference. Glass and stone, the market has a special glass stone cutting and polishing tools, require relatively soft, GC series more in line with; copper and aluminum and stainless steel solid materials, the use of lower thickness or zirconia corundum for the substrate cutting or grinding film; Cutting carbon steel, stainless steel profiles (non-solid) requires the use of a higher hardness of the wheel will greatly improve the life; but the solid round steel, forgings and requirements in the hardness of the wheel can not be too high, or will not move!

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