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09-18    ——    Diamond wheel and resin wheel difference

      May be in the cutting when we will first think of resin wheel. Diamond resin grinding wheel in terms of relative to the cutting is relatively good, its cost is low, high strength, very suitable for the general use of the family. And can be mixed in the resin grinding wheel of other materials, so that more wear-resistant. What is the difference between it and the diamond wheel?

      The so-called resin is also a resin binder, the manufacture of the wheel in the emphasis on the very high, there is a certain flexibility, and low heat resistance, so in some industries can not be used. Sand diamond wheel it is super tough, a little elasticity is not, its heat resistance is very good, but the production of complex, while the process cycle and so on.

      So in the industry, the two kinds of grinding wheel is very different, the diamond wheel is more widely used is the concrete cutting operations, while the resin wheel is very suitable for grinding some metal products.

       I believe we have heard of diamond grinding wheel it, it is a combination of resin and diamond with a grinding wheel, which is mainly mixed together, then they are used for cutting, mixed with what is the use of it? This is a lot of people are also suspected, of course, we do not know the manufacturers, in fact, mixed cutting can be increased in the cutting of its emphasis, and in some materials, cutting and grinding, can effectively control the cutting effect, more suitable for some Grinding and cutting of metal products.