Zhejiang Lionking AbrasivesCo., Ltd.,

In order to avoid fake and shoddy products harm consumers, while ensuring the majority of users to buy the original authorization to reassure genuine, Zhejiang Lion Wheel Co., Ltd. in 2016 began to enable code query. follows:

Instructions for use 

Scratch coating, you can get 16 security figures, there are three ways to check the authenticity of the product.

1、 Telephone inquiries

Call 4000139315 by phone, enter the security code according to the voice prompt (one-time input 16-bit anti-counterfeit code and then press the end of the #) to listen to the system identification results query voice (each anti-counterfeit digital only for a query valid)

2、WeChat scan query

Open the phone scan two-dimensional code function, enter the 16-bit security code, click on the query, you can receive the query results to identify the authenticity of the product

3、 Internet query

Landing in Zhejiang Lionking AbrasivesCo., Ltd., official website www.chinalionking.com, in the "security check" - "query system" section of the entry box to enter all the security code, click on the "query" to read out of the authentication page.